All female camera crew require amateur men and women, from all across the UK, for paid porn star jobs in London & the UK

Central London & Surrey film studios


Welcome to The Studio, we are the UK's largest recruiter of amateur porn stars to star in our own amateur porn movies destined for the private viewing market in the UK and abroad.

All our moves are shown worldwide via cable TV in hundreds of hotels we have contracts with to supply adult movies. None of our movies are available on the Internet so this is a great way to get a porn job working in porn movies without worrying about being spotted. 

So if you are in the UK and looking for porn star jobs, you have come to the only website you will ever need. 

We specialise in the recruitment of normal men and women for jobs in the adult industry staring in our own adult movies so the work is guaranteed. 

This could be your first step into a porn star job or you could have made films before, we don't care. We only make amateur porn movies so we desperately need new talent on a regular basis.

Our offices are based in Central London where we also have two adult film studios and another studio in Surry. Although our porn film studios are in London and Surrey we recruit applicants from all over the UK to come down and do a days filming with us, so don't let that put you off. We don't care where you live just that you are reliable and can perform like a porn star

For all our filming (except gay movies) we use an all female camera crew who are experts at filming and making you feel comfortable on set.

We are currently filming six days a week and due to this heavy schedule we are constantly seeking new applicants to star in our adult movies which is why we are constantly advertising our "jobs in porn" and why we need new people all the time.

If you think that you would prefer to see what happens in a porn studio before having a go yourself we also offer a "Voyeur Service" where you can come and see a film being made live and this should put your mind to rest that we are totally genuine. ( We do though make a small charge for this or we would be inundated with requests )

So to summarise, jobs in the adult industry in the UK can be hard to find as the few UK porn producers that exist are always looking for the best looking people or experienced porn actresses and actors. 

As such you may have been rejected by them in the past or may even have been scammed by some of the rogue recruiters that ask for signing on fees or upfront payments and never get you a job.

Once you meet us, see our studios and see the sort of films we make you will realise we are genuine and this really is your best way to have some fun becoming a porn star or to start your career in the adult movie industry. Which can be very lucrative for some people.

How to Apply

At the moment we have 4 separate websites that are setup to recruit budding porn stars in the UK. They are all owned by us and each deals with different types of adult movies. 

For more information and to apply please follow the links for each one below. If you want to apply for two or more different types of porn star jobs (such as Matures & Fetish) please go to each website and apply separately as different ladies in our office look after different website applications. You are welcome to apply to as many of our websites as you want to.

The Studio

Interracial Movies

BDSM Movies

 MILF Movies

Domination Movies

Old/Young Movies

Themed Movies

Medical Movies

The Studio

Lesbian Movies

Young/Old Movies

 Fantasy Movies

Gay Movies

Fetish Movies

Couples Movies

CFNM Movies

Amateurs Fun Studio

The "Amateurs Fun Studio" website was our first ever website and recruits general porn jobs for men and women over 21 into Straight, Lesbian and Gay filming.   

Please visit the link below to apply for jobs on this website


After our first website we got a lot of requests to film other types of movies for our hotels so we expanded the sort of movies we made on the "UP4ITUK" website.  This website is for men and women over 23 into Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Orgies, fetishes, and personal movies

Please visit the link below to apply for jobs on this website

Mature Amateurs Productions

This is one of our speciality website that deals with Mature porn films, for those of you that have watched… Cougar, MILF, Granny and Old & Young movies will know what we mean. This website is for the more mature actors, men from 30 to 70 and women from 20 to 65 years who want to star in mature porn movies.  Your sex life does not have to end at 50.

Please visit the link below to apply for jobs on this website

Fetish Land Productions

Another of our speciality websites that deals solely with wannabe Fetish movie actors and actresses from BDSM to Adult Babies to Cross Dressing whatever your fetish we can film it.  This website is for men and women over 25 that want to get into Fetish porn acting and movies

Please visit the link below to apply for jobs on this website

For more information you can visit whichever one of the websites below that appeals to you the most. If you are unsure simply use the quick application button on the right to go to one of our standard application forms.  

All the above websites also offer a "Voyeur Service" so you can come along and see a film being made, just for fun, or to discover more about what goes on in a porn movie studio before taking the plunge yourself

So that's about it, if you are serious about wanting to star in a porn movie we can make it happen.  If you want to make a career in the porn industry then this is also a great way to get you noticed.  You get to keep a copy of every film you make with us and you can pass these onto other recruiters so they can see how you perform.

Today could be the day you became a porn star

Please visit one of the four websites above to apply

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